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Flower Bodies Flowing Souls


Flower Bodies Flowing Souls was created to bring contact, joy, connection and healing of every body and soul with the flow of harmony like that of a blooming flower.

Members Words

Your words make me want to get better every day and give the best of me during our sessions

Hi Elina, I'm sorry we missed you to say goodbye. I want to thank you for your helping me to learn to relax and begin to love and forgive myself. Kefalonia has a special part in my heart and i have left this part with you.

Danette Forbes

With Elina and her lessons, I started to love Yoga and appreciated its beneficial properties !!! In every meeting "through the Internet" for now, and every moment during the lesson, I am constantly improving in a nice way !!! The aura of our teacher has such quality and power, calm power, that penetrates the electronic medium and diffuses into our personal universe skillfully, sculpting our body and calming our soul and mind !!! Thank you from the bottom of my heart, dear Elina, for all this, the simple ones, the slow ones, the essentials !!!

I recently started this "journey" and I already feel the changes in all areas .... Elina thank you for your help ...

Rebecca Karaiskou

Elina made me love Yoga and consequently my body and the nature around me. In addition, she helped me to "rediscover" my feminine side. I highly recommend her for a magical trip.

Vasia Adam

This was a very calming, soothing experience. Elina is a lovely woman and she immediately makes you feel at ease.


Elina was very friendly and ran the yoga session at a measured pace, which was suitable for more expert yoga-goers or amateurs (like myself).


Lovely restorative yoga session in a beautiful setting. We could hear the sounds of the waves and the crickets while meditating.