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Flower Bodies Flowing Souls was created to bring contact, joy, connection and healing of every body and soul with the flow of harmony like that of a blooming flower.

You are the Sky, everything else is just the Weather.

Elina Kourtali, founder of Flower Bodies Flowing Souls, first came in contact with the concept of self-concentration, expression and body awareness in 2003, according to dance technique Butoh.

She then investigated the importance of awareness, in various body positions based on breathing patterns, the technique of visualisation as the first step to the meditative stage, and the therapeutic effect of yoga according to the Santyananda system (2011).

Traveling to Nepal, Cambodia and Thailand (2016-2017) was a milestone in her practice since she was particularly focused on sound healing based on Tibetan Meditation Bowls and the Gong.

In need for further deepening her practice, she attended the integrated program of yoga teacher training (2018) and the neurolinguistic-programming NLP.

She has also studied the effect of the 5 elements of nature and the correlation within the body (Tattwa Shuddhi). She has also been initiated to the second degree of Reiki by Mikao Usui and the healing technique of Munai Ki, 2019.

She is interested in the free movement of the body, somatics and the 5 Rhythms Dance. She has attended static and dynamic meditation training, Yoga Nidra, Tibetan Meditation and Nada Yoga.

She attends trainings based on female nature, such as Multidimensional Womb Healing, Pre-Post Natal Yoga, 8th Womb Gateway Rose Initiation, Holistic Dance Language Training and Pranic Healing Psychotherapist and shares the techniques with care and respect in women’s circles.

She practice sound therapy sessions and believes in sharing various techniques in order to connect people with the greatest power in the world, Love. If you feel the call, choose the session that suits you and join the circle of Flower Bodies Flowing Souls.


Elina Kourtali

RYT Yoga Alliance USA

Hellenic Yoga Association

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