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You are inited to join us for 5 days in the magical island of Crete, the land of the first advanced ancient civilisation of Europe; the Minoans 3500BC. Together we will share daily Rituals on several Historical and Energetical locations, with the intention to reach Gnosis; to remember and honour our physical, spiritual and divine bodies on Earth. Enter into the mystical, divine remembrance of sacred healing that flows through our bodies and into the land. By blending together several ancient paths, from ancient Greece, India & the middle East, with embodied dance, somatics, rituals, sound healing, vocal meditation & pranic healing we aim to reach, embody and follow the Rose Path, the path where the Heart and the Womb become balanced and in alignment. This is a call for every woman who feels the call to know the way to maintain and increase her life force when needed. We will venture to unique locations on Crete to work with specific Sacred Sites that correlate with our wombs, hearts, throats and upper chakras. We will weave an emerging practice of mindful movement: to draw in the higher frequencies through our dancing bodies, into the leylines of the earth. We will co-create an interwoven up leveling of our reverent connection to this frequency; returning the power to the land and our sacred selves.   We will cover: Yoga Practices Sacred Rituals Embodied Dance Earth Practices Rose Path Initiation Womb Healing Practices Sound Healing Vocal Meditation Breathwork Pranic Healing We have rented a large accommodation near Chania. The house has a beautiful garden overlooking the white mountains and wonderful outdoor spaces and terraces with beautiful views. We have accommodation for 2 people.  shared room areas and 1 double room. Shared room price 800€ Secure your place with a deposit of 400€. You can pay the rest of the ammount 15 days before starting date. What is included in the price: *5 days / 4 nights *All Retreat activities *Breakfast and snacks *Transportation to four sacred places What is not included: *Transfer to Crete *Transfer to accommodation (25 minutes by taxi) *We will eat locally at various restaurants for lunch and dinner (June 2-5) as we travel around the island each day. This unique Retreat is a call to resurrect our feminine embodiment through our bodies and ancient memories. We work with the utmost integrity and honor of the earth, our bodies and the ancient civilization that inspired us. If you feel this in your heart, we would love for you to join us on this unforgettable journey of a