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Elina Kourtali

Cretan World Music Festival – Women of the World – Opening La Rose, La Mer, Feminite

With great honor on 20/07/23 we will open together the circle of La Rose, La Mer, Feminite, at 19:00, in the Vamos Amphitheater B, by participating in the Cretan World Music Festival, an international music and arts festival, dedicated to the Women of the World .

Below you will find a few words about the circle

The Body is always the first that brings us into contact with our material being on
Earth. This magical tool that directly reveals to us the Emotional and Mental state.

Have you ever wondered what the Body is like when there is inner Peace and Harmony?

Can You Hear the Sound of a Heartbeat?

Based on alternative healing modalities, I have the intention to share a holistic circle specified on the embodiment of Feminine Nature, with every woman who would like to connect and heal every aspect of hers needing protection, self-care and self-fove.

Why the name of this circle is in French?

After inner observation, my intuition led me to connect the frequency and the qualities of that of a rose (La Rose), with those of the sea (La Mer). And thus, in French language both the rose and the sea are female gender.

What is the aim of La Rose, La Mer, Feminite?

To bring about balance between trying and letting go, in every aspect of everyday life’s challenges
To bring about healing to any energetic point which it’s vital energy has been disturbed by any emotional tension
To release any past patterns or subconscious fears which have blocked the energy flow, and to regain the feeling of smoothness both in the Body and the Mind.

Who can attend this circle?

Any woman regardless of her age or her lifetime experiences, who is willing to embrace inner awareness and energy healing, in order to have Freedom, Balance, Peace and Joy of Life.

What is included?

Sound Breathing practices

Holistic practices of Movement, and Kinetic Alchemy

Connecting with the 5 elements of Nature in Body, Emotion and Soul


About the Intuitive Creation

During the last years I was living in the picturesque village of Assos, in the Greek island of Kefalonia which is surrounded by the sea. It is located on the beautiful and famous Myrtos Bay. My love for the sea element was quite obvious from young age, but the connection I gained with the sea while I was living on the island, led me to a unique magical portal.

The human body is consisted of 70% of water, and thus every Feeling, every Movement of the body, and every Sound has a correlation with our esoteric nature producing changes in the frequencies like that of a spiral pattern, in correlation with the spiral patterns produced by the waves of the sea.

And so it is, the composition of the sea: water and salt. The salt as an element posses the qualities of transformation, change, taste and healing of any energy blockage.

On the other hand, the Rose, this beautiful and stunning flower which historically (dated since the Mesopotamian years 6000 yrs ago), was famous for it’s healing modalities, especially for issues of female nature, and as a symbol of love, femininity which can boost any mood and give a lovely care to the Body, Mind and Soul.
By placing together those 2 pieces of the puzzle, I intuitively created La Rose, La Mer, Feminite, and I would be really grateful to share all those techniques and healing practices , with every woman feeling the call to come closer with her inner Balance, Peace and the Joy of Life!


From Heart to Heart, and for a future with smooth Flow, Health, and Prosperity.
So mote it be.

Can’t wait to see you Soon!


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