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28th Jun



It is said that movement begins with the movement of the stars, the orbit of the planets and their relationship to Harmony. When humans become one with the stars, Earth and Sky.


If you are looking for

• Freely Expression
• Relaxation
• Relief from muscle pain
• Holistic Empowerment
• Remembrance of inner Joy

You are more that welcome to join us!


AbunDance, is an invitation to celebrate life and existence through Bodily movement!

✨The music moves you, ignites your joy, gives you pleasure and the feeling of lightness in the present moment!


Through several different practices of movement and Βreathwork, based on the 5 Elements, Earth, Wind, Water, Eather, Fire we will discover the Original Organic Expression of bodily movement, with aim to find deep contact with Ourselves and Freedom.


AbunDance, is the dance of prosperity at Earth, it gives you the chance to celebrate your existence through vital expression that strengthens and harmonises you Physically, Mentally and Emotionally.


🌻Reconnect with the magic in life, the love, the empathy and let it from AbunDance to be offered towards our environment, our society and the Earth we are all living in!


Every Thursday at 18:00 EET

Location @anandaretreats.greece, Salaminomaxon 26B, Nea Penteli, 15239, Athens, Greece


With Gratitude,





Free Session 15'

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