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Prana Vitality Circle
12th Sep


Prana Vitality Circle

Prana Vitality Circle is a lovely circle created over the last years.


Τhe word Prana in Sanskrit is translated as Vital Force, and in this circle we learn how to maintain and optimise our Vitality.


In our Circle we practise several holistic healing practises based on embodiment techniques,  yoga,  organic movement, dance, meditation, Pranic Healing and rituals, according to Moon Phases.


Together we share several Self Care Rituals and Journaling techniques according to each phase that we are currently running.


We focus on the Body and Breath connection, and we practice several techniques based on Breathwork, Womb Healing Practices and Rituals following our Intuition and our Heart Path.

You are more than welcome to Join Us!

Every Monday at 18:00 EET & Wednesday at 19:00 EET

Online via Zoom Platform

Upon subscription the Zoom Link is forward by email.



Prana Female Circle

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