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Somatic Alchemy & Sound Healing


Somatic Alchemy & Sound Healing

“Find your Inner Balance, reconnect with your Heart, Let go whatever waits you down, discover your inner Power and Harmony” 🧘‍♀️


In the Circle of ✨ Somatic Alchemy & Sound Healing

We will bring our awareness at our Bodies & our Breath, we will do specific movements to release the pelvic floor tension, we will focus on strenghtening our coarse body and our feet, opening our chests, with selflove and expression towards our lovely Bodies.

What we will do?

Earth practices (movements with focus on deep awareness & release)

Breath re-pattering

Practices of yoga, movement meditation, and holistic dance language practices

Sound Healing

If you desire

Release any unhealthy physical patterns & tension

Cultivate a deep sense of Calmness and Gratitude

Reconnect to our inner Wisdom & intuitive Power

Flow by the Therapeutic Sounds to bring about Relaxation, Harmony and Vitality

You are invited to join us with constant flow of the Body, the Therapeutic Sounds by the Gong, Steel Drum and Tibetan Meditation Bowls.

Somatic Alchemy & Sound Healing

Free Session 15'

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