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Elina Kourtali

A call for Women, Feminine Energy Retreat

Shortly after the Easter holidays, we invite you to a magical spring landscape in nature, right by the sea, for a three-day retreat of Connection, Joy and Peace.

This retreat is an interactive, experiential and inspiring three days designed to help you calm your mind and connect with beautiful souls like you!

Our goal is based on the archetypal symbols for the human Soul and the Mother (the elements of Water and Earth respectively), to create a circle of connection and union with the consciousness of Harmony, within every human Heart.

When we balance the levels of our Feminine and Male energy we have the power we want so that we can enjoy our life to the fullest.

With this balance, we are able to receive all the good that Heaven has to offer and feel the support and grounding from Earth.

The space of our heart vibrates to the rhythm of Sacred Love that moves everything in and around us.

We do live a meaningful life when we are at our center; where there is Balance, Harmony and Peace.

Elina and Stella invite you to share in a safe circle wonderful experiences and tools for the life you desire.

We will be in an amazing place, where the contact with the Earth, and the Sea just flows in one the de-identification and liberation from the city.

Participations are limited – only 14.

We are waiting for you!

Blessings to all!


For more info and reservations please visit www.elinakourtali.com

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