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Elina Kourtali

Activation on ‘The Rose as an Archetype’

Join us on Tuesday 07/11 for the introduction to the Archetype of the Rose  🌹La Rose, La Mer, Feminite) What is aim of La Rose, La Mer, Feminite?🌹


🌹To bring about balance between trying and letting go, in every aspect of everyday life’s challenges

🌹To bring about healing to any energetic point which it’s vital energy has been disturbed by any emotional tension

🌹To release any past patterns or subconsious fears which have blocked the energy flow, and to regain the feeling of smoothness both in the Body and the Mind


Who can attend this circle?

Any woman regardless of her age or her lifetime experiences, who is willing to embrace inner awareness and energy healing, in order to have Freedom, Balance, Peace and Joy of Life!


What is included?

Ancient Tantric Practices

Vocal Breathwork

Holistic movement practices, and Somatic Alchemy

Guided Meditations

Sacred Union Rituals

Pranic Healing (energy healing system, based on the management and projection of vital energy to bring about healing in the physical and energetic bodily systems)

Reconnection with natures 5 Elements in the Physical, Emotional and Divine Aspects of the Self

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