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Elina Kourtali

How to be Grounded?

During a Full Moon Phase, the Moon is Centered between the Earth and the Sun. It brings the Strongest Energies of all phases.


It may be a phase where a Grounding Technique is needed to calm the Body and Mind.


To be Grounded means to be Energetically Centered. To feel Focused, Ballanced and Strong.


Thus, to be Centered during a challenging time one can practice a Rooting Technique.


To bring clarity to unsafety, to be present, the first thing to bring in mind is your own Breathe.


Awareness of the Breathe is the first part of the following Grounding Technique.


🔶Bring yourself in a place where you feel comfortable enough.

🔶You may want to light up some candles or bring some herbs, resin or incense burning to encourage calming energies.

🔶Sit in any position where your body does not feel any discomfort.

🔶You may want to close your eyes and take some breaths.

🔶Then focus at the root of your spine.

🔶Try to imagine Roots coming out of your spine and travelling towards the centre of the Earth.

🔶Journey deep into the Ground.

🔶Show Gratitude and Respect for the Earth which supports you anyway in your life Journey.

🔶Feel Calm, Reconnected and Focused on the relationship between your Physical Body and the Ground.

🔶When you feel comfortable enough, you may want to open your eyes again.


Remember this techniques needs practice and it is a part of bringing Awareness and Knowledge to the Physical, Emotional and Divine Body.


Always stay Positive, Life is a Blessing!



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