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Elina Kourtali

How to Clear out Old Energy?

We all have been scared by emotions, events and other situations in Life.


Sometimes these scars haunt us like ghosts, sapping out our Light and dimming our potential Energy.


Hanging on to pain, resentment, anger and fear will keep us away from our own Self, our Truth and it’s Sparkling Energy.


Letting go of whatever is not serving is always an easy thing to hear, but sometimes hard to achieve.


The first and most important thing in letting go, is Consciously accept who you are and what you feel.


Patanjali* states that there are 5 causes of suffering (5 Kleshas) including

*Avidya, ignorance

*Asmita, “I am-ness,” the limitation of the ego consciousness, or the ego sense

*Raga, attachmen

*Dvesha, hatred

*Abhinivesha, fear


In relation to all the above comes the question of what can you do to come closer to Yourself and your inner Peace and how can you love Yourself unapologetically?


Movement of the physical Body, connecting with your Breathe, connecting with Earth, finding ways to Relax and Meditate are all ways to come closer to Yourself and unblock your Energy.


The time to start is Here-Now by Letting go of your Ghosts, and start Living your most Authentic Life.



For more info please visit  wwww.elinakourtali.com



Swami Vivekananda (1978). Raja Yoga or Conquering the Internal Nature and the The Sutras of Patanjali. Translated in Greek by Giannis Maletas, 1991, Konidari Edition


Image: by me 🙂

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