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Elina Kourtali

Performance ‘The Portal’ – In flow with the impact of a Healing Portal.

💫How do you feel when you observe the stars at the sky in a dark night?

💫Is there any connection from macrocosm to microcosm?

💫Through which process can we achieve self-awareness and awareness of the true essence within us and our enviroment?

💫How can we maintain this connection and the positive effect it has on people’s lives both individually and collectively?

💫The Body and the Sound in a flow like that of a changing sculpture, of expression and creation, in every given Now.

💫The choice of location in this particular picture is at the Athens Observatory, right next to the Heliotrope of Meton, which is one of the first instruments (5pX) that defined the equinoxes accurately, in a direct relationship between Earth, Heaven and Humans.💞

The Performance ‘The Portal’, was created and captured in the 3 days Workshop of Athens Video Dance Project.

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