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Elina Kourtali

Prana Female Circle

What should I first mention about this magical circle of Prana Female Circle 💕?

It is true whats been said that the circle lasts outside the time that we gather together. 
When a woman from the circle opened her house to me, because the typhoon had passed through my village in Kefalonia, 
when another insisted that we continue to make circles in any place as long as they are done, 
when we shared inspiration, laughter, courage, strength💕
And then, as the time past, the circle was opened to other women, 
and all the women that participated conveyed me with their intention for every woman to
learn self-care techniques, self-knowledge and self-awareness from the circles🌹.
And so mote is be ✨
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Looking Forward to See you,

With Love,



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