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Wellness Session

AbunDance Session


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Meditative, Intuitive Dance based on the Five Elements Fire, Water, Earth, Air and Eather.

In order for a person to perform at the top of his/ her Body, he/she must Tune Out everything around him/her, and go Deep, BEYOND his/hers Mind.

He/She focus on the movements of the body. This is one of the purest form of Meditation.

When he/she come out of their Dance Meditation, Metamorphosis occur, a way of transformation towards Freedom.

What will we do?

Earth practices (movements with focus on deep awareness & release)

Breath re-patterning

Yoga, movement meditation and holistic dance language practices

What will I gain?

Release any unhealthy physical patterns & tension

Cultivate a deep sense of calmness and gratitude

Reconnect us to our wisdom carried within & our intuitive power

Work with the sound to bring about relaxation and vitality

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1 Session, 1 Month / 4 Sessions, 2 Months / 8 Sessions


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