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Prana Female Circle


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Prana Female Circle is a lovely circle created two years ago for every women, and it is open to all ages and backgrounds. It is based on fully acceptance and support of our feminine side, and our goal is to transfer this beautiful energy from ourselves into our bigger circle and our society.

Τhe word Prana in Sanskrit is translated as our vital force, and in this circle we learn how to maintain and optimise our vitality.

You are invited to join us every Wednesday and Friday at 19:00-20:00, into our Circle based on embodiment techniques, of yoga, movement, dance, meditation, divination and rituals, according to Moon Phases.

Together we will learn several self care rituals and journaling techniques according to each phase that we are currently running.

We will focus on the Body and Breath connection, and we will learn several techniques based on Breathwork, Womb Healing Meditations and Rituals following our Intuition and our Heart.

In order to share the knowledge, every Month you will receive Free Feminine Wellness Tips via email!

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1 Month / 8 Sessions, 2 Months / 16 Sessions, 1 Session


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