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Somatic Alchemy & Sound Healing


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Every movement, every breath has the ability to bring your awareness towards your Body.

By being present in your Body, every thought of the future or the past can be easily let it go and be mindful in the Present Moment.

By bringing all your awareness into Now, a Peaceful, Happy, and Calm state of mind can be achieved.

From Monday starting on October 04/10 and every Monday of the week, at 18:00-19:00 at the lovely space of Loop Dance Lab we will be holding circles together with constant Flow of the Body and the Sounds by the Gong, Steel Drum and Meditation Bowls at ✨ Somatic Alchemy & Sound Healing ✨

What will we do?

Earth practices (movements with focus on deep awareness & release)

Breath re-patterning

Yoga, movement meditation and holistic dance language practices

What will I gain?

Release any unhealthy physical patterns & tension

Cultivate a deep sense of calmness and gratitude

Reconnect us to our wisdom carried within & our intuitive power

Work with the sound to bring about relaxation and vitality

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1 Session, 1 Month / 4 Sessions, 2 Months / 8 Sessions


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