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Elina Kourtali

Self Care Women’s Retreat in Kefalonia

It was very close to July’s New Moon when I had again the opportunity to visit beautiful Kefalonia. Back then I was so thrilled not only because of the fact that I was in a beloved place, but also because I had the opportunity to meet, to connect, to share smiles, experiences and moments with other women of the island.


In this New Moon, I had intentionally planted all the mental ‘seeds needed to open the path again’ back to the island in a calm period.


And which period is most calm in the island other than winter? Winter by nature, as a period, puts us on a pause, in a period of introspection, a period where the concept of self-care is necessary in order to be able to create spring again.


So with great joy and warmth, I invite you to the first Self Care Women’s Retreat in Kefalonia, where it will take place on 26-27/2022, open to all!


What it would be included in this weekend?


I will note here some of the Highlights of this amazing weekend!




•Empowerment Women’s Circle

Prana Female Circle


Circle of

Somatic Alchemy & Sound Healing


•Cacao Ceremony in a Beautiful location in Nature



•Yoga for All


•Circle of AbunDance, organic movement and the 5 Elements within the Body


What is suggested to bring with you?

•a yoga mat

•a small sofa cushion

• a fleece blanket

•comfortable clothes


•a small snack

•your beautiful smile


Super Highlight!!!✨✨✨


A GIFT! Enter to Win a Lucky Charm Bracelet will be given to one of the participants 💞💞💞


Reserve your spot now and get the Weekend OFFER!


Weekend OFFER 190e


Reserve your Spot at the following Link (no further commissions apply)




Can’t wait to see you,


For any inquiries or any questions I will be more than happy to hear from you,


With Love,


Elina 🌹

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