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Elina Kourtali

What is the meaning of a Mountain as an Archetype?

In his Dictionary of Symbols, Cirlot included an interesting thought pertaining to the symbolism of the mountain as a life force:


“Seen from above, the mountain grows gradually wider, and in this respect it corresponds to the inverted tree whose roots grow up towards heaven while its foliage points downwards, thereby expressing multiplicity, the universe in expansion, involution and materialization. This is why Eliade says that ‘the peak of the cosmic mountain is not only the highest point on earth, it is also the earth’s navel, the point where creation had its beginning’—the root.”


How can you embody the mountain archetype? What view do you have at the top? How is each specific of the 5 elements as you climb towards the top ? Are there any lakes, rivers or tributaries?


Based on the archetype of the mountain within the body, with the beautiful energy of December, in AbunDance we will explore the plasticity of Body, Breath, and Sound. ✨


Each of our meetings will be based on learning positions and practices for activating the various energy “channels” of the body, with the ultimate goal of freeing up movement, and the beneficial effect of and to the beneficial effect of sound healing.✨


If you are looking for

• Expression
• Relaxation
• Relief from muscle pain
• Holistic Empowerment
• Reclaiming Inner Joy

You are more than welcome to join us.

December 03/12/2022 & 17/12/2022 12:30 EET

To book a session please visit the following link Book a Session

Looking Forward to See you,

With Love,


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