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Elina Kourtali

What are the 3 skills that Benefit in Personal Development?

Lately, during a session I described the 3 different states of consciousness that we all have and how to recognise and balance them (according to Yoga Philosophy).  And then, I recalled that I had wrote an article about it approximately three years ago. So, I did a throwback both in my articles library and also in life.


Why am I sharing this story with you? Life sometimes its not a smooth ride, it requires a lot of courage and a lot of changes, but no matter how difficult some of the experiences, you will reach the place you want to be, as long as you are open to the Magic that lives from within!


It is really important to always remember that you have


the Strength,

the Ability

and the Responsibility for Yourself and for the World to be where you want to be and Manifest what you want!


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Looking Forward to See you,

With Love,


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