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Elina Kourtali

What is AbunDance?

It is said that movement begins with the movement of the stars, the orbit of the planets and their relationship to Harmony. When humans become one with the stars, Earth and Sky.

With great joy, the cycle of AbunDance which started on the Autumn Equinox, will continue from 19/11 and every other Saturday at 12:30-14:00, with the intention of harmonizing the 5 elements within the body and by allowing a new flow of vital energy in it.

Each of our meetings will be based on learning techniques and practices for activating the various energy “channels” within the body, with the ultimate goal of freely organic movement, blended with sound healing.

If you are looking for

• Freely Expression
• Relaxation
• Relief from muscle pain
• Holistic Empowerment
• Remembrance of inner Joy


You are more that welcome to join us.


For more info and to book a Free Meeting Session Please visit the following link

Book A Free Meeting Session

Looking Forward to See you,

With Love,


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